Which Job Is Best For Students In Canada

Best Jobs For Students In Canada

Which job is best for students in Canada? This has become one of the most asked questions on the internet and this is not surprising. Canada has grown to become a great destination for student willing to improve their knowledge in an organized environment.

Students in Canada are allowed to make a living while studying, the main purpose of allowing students to earn while studying is to ensure they are able to live comfortably without being a burden on the government or people in the community they reside in.

Canadian education system has created a pathway for students willing to study and earn in the country. Students are allowed to work without a work permit for up to 20 hours per week during regular academic sessions and full-time during scheduled breaks.  On the other hand, international student willing to work more than 20 hours per week during academic sessions will need a work permit.

Based on your field of study, skills and experience, there are various jobs available for students in Canada. But which job is best for students in Canada? Here are details you should know about the jobs suitable for a student in Canada.

Which Job Is Best For Students In Canada?

Teaching Assistant

Topping the list of best jobs for students in Canada is the teaching assistant role. As a student, you will be privileged to meet various professors who tend to hire teaching assistants to help them with various task.

These tasks include creating lesson plans, tutoring students, and grading papers. Having a good communication and organizational skills will help you in getting this type of job.

As a student working as a teaching assistant, you will be exposed to the ways of teaching. Apart from earning a living, you will also gain experience that will help you after graduation.

Your school can help you find a teaching assistant job on or off-campus. As a teaching assistant in Canada, you can earn an averaged $16.59 per hour.

Sales Associate

Students in Canada can also consider working as a sales associate. As a sales associate, your job is to help drive sales by engaging with customers, selling products, sharing their knowledge, and ringing up customers, among other tasks.

It’s a convenient job for student. Student working as a sales associate can work around school hours, on weekends and after classes.

An average salary of $14.74 per hour is paid to student working as a sales associate. Working as a sales associate during school will boost your chances of getting similar job after graduation.

Grocery Store Associate

Which job is best for students in Canada is still being discussed in this article. Also making that list is a grocery store associate.

A popular part-time job among high school students, a grocery store associate helps stock food, organize displays, answer customer questions. Depending on the store, they are also allowed to handle cash.

Student working as a grocery store associate can work based on their schedule. Most grocery store in Canada are on the lookout for students willing to work. Securing this job is not difficult, you can apply online or walk into a store to hand them your resume.

As a grocery store associate, you can earn an average $15.00 per hour.

Gym Instructor

The primary role is to help people improve their fitness levels and exercise techniques. Students who have experience in fitness training can apply as a gym instructor in Canada. You will be allowed to work on your schedule so it won’t clash with your studies.

As a gym instructor, you will be opportune to meet various people from different race, background and culture. Its of utmost importance that you have a good communication skill as it will help in facing any challenge.

As a gym instructor, you can earn an average $15.00 per hour

Gym Receptionist

Just as student are capable of working as a gym instructor, they can also work as a gym receptionist. There are various gyms available in Canada so getting a job as a receptionist in one gym wont be difficult.

Students can work around their school hours. As a receptionist, you’ll sign up new members, provide tours, check in guests, and clean equipment.

Most gyms even offer discounted or free gym memberships to employees, so you can work out after your shift. As a gym receptionist, you can earn an average salary $14.00 per hour.


Online Tutor

While you can work as a tutor, you can also apply to work as an online tutor in Canada. As an online tutor, you tend to teach from the comfort of your home.

Your area of expertise will determine the subject you will teach. To get this job, you can either become a freelancer or apply to an agency to teach subjects like math, science, and English.

The company you are working with will determine the certificates you will have to provide when applying to become an online tutor. However, there are high chances you will be asked to provide a high school diploma, college degree, or teaching certificate.

Being an online tutor will see you earn an average $20.00 per hour.

Social Media Manager

Social media managers are responsible for planning, developing, implementing and managing strategies for an organization’s social media accounts. With students known for being active on social media, there are various organization willing to employ them as a social media manager.

As a social media manager, you will be tasked with engaging with customers on different channels, staying on top of the latest social media trends, posting content across social media accounts, planning developing social media campaigns, and so on.

Students willing to apply as a social media manager must have a good communication skill, be able to adapt to new inventions, have an experience as a social media manager or a similar role.

Depending on the company, location and years of experience, the salary of a student working as a social media manager varies.



As a student, working as a babysitter will also help you earn while learning. Babysitting is a great job for teenagers. It can be fun, challenging and be a learning curve for anyone into it.

Students working as a baby sitter can be allowed to work after school hours and during weekends.  The primary role of a babysitter is to care for, play with, and tutor children of families around their neighborhood.


Major attribute of a babysitter is their altitude, as a babysitter you must be friendly, encouraging, and be able to care for children. Getting a baby sitting job is easy, you can surf online for vacant role, ask friends in your neighborhood or through a referral.

As a baby sitter, you can earn an average $13 per hour.

Dog Walker

Surprised to see this on the list? As a student, you can work as a dog walker in Canada. Getting this job will be easy if you like animals and live in a neighborhood with dogs.

The flexibility of the job is what makes it an ideal job for a student. You can often work on your own schedule or modify your hours to work around school.

To secure the job, you can apply online, make enquiries from those in your neighborhood or through a referral. As a dog walker, you can earn an average $13 per hour.

Web Developer

Canada has adopted the use of technology in its day-to-day activities. Students who are well inclined in technology are given the opportunity to explore their ideas by companies in Canada.

Web developers are adored in Canada and being a student does not limit from getting such job. A lot of student posses web development skills and companies prefer to catch them young. As a web developer, you can work from home and earn about $78000 yearly on an average scale.

You can decide your schedule with the company so it wont clash wit your studies. The salary range for a web developer depends on heir work experience and agreement with the employer. However, web developers are well paid.


How can a student get a job in Canada

1.       Search Online Plaforms

Students seeking to get a job in Canada can check online platforms for vacant role. There are various platforms on the internet where you can get vacant jobs in your environment. Platforms such as indeed, linkedin, flexjob are popular for providing such services.


2.       Referrals

Easy and convenient. You can get a student job in Canada through referral. Talk to those in your community about your skills and they might be able to hook you up with someone close to them. Referrals from those close to you are very important.



3. Become a freelancer

You can work from home. Remote job is popular in this part of the country. As a student, you can register as a freelancer and start earning. There are various freelancing website you can sign up with to kick start your journey as a freelancer.

4.       Get help from student job centre

Make good use of the student job center in your institution. Vacancies are posted on notice board and who knows you might be lucky. Ensure that your resume is up-to-date and highlights your best skills, abilities, and previous work, volunteer, or extracurricular experience when applying.


5.        Post flyers in your neighborhood

Students willing to work in Canada can go as far as publicizing their skills. You can post flyers in your neighborhood to give potential clients a glimpse of what you can offer.

6.        Job Fairs

You can take advantage of the various job fairs holding in your community. Students are given the chance to express themselves at the job fairs and it could be your lucky day.

7.       Local Newspapers

Local newspapers often advertise vacant post in their bulletin. It is advisable you check contents of local newspapers to check jobs that meet your taste. Often times, the employer or company give details of the job, how to apply for the job as well as the waiting duration.


Which Job Is Best For Students In Canada? FAQ


Can I work as a student in Canada?


Absolutely, as a student in Canada, you are allowed to work. However, international student willing to work more than 20 hours per week during academic sessions will need a work permit.



What are the type of Jobs available for students in Canada?


Students in canada have access to various jobs depending on their skills, experience and location. Student can work as a tutor, gym instructor, receptionist, sales associate, teaching assistant and so on.


How much can a student earn in Canada?


The minimum wage for student in Canada ranges from $13.60 to $16.77 per hour, depending on the province or territory.


What are the benefit of working as a student in Canada?


While working as a student, you’ll have a stable cash flow. You can use it to pay your tuition, student loans, debt, and any other expenses, leaving you with less financial stress after you graduate.

What are the skills needed to get a student job

Skills needed to get a student job in Canada depends on the type of job. However, your communication and time management skills must be top notch.


Which job is best for students in Canada? This question has been answered in this article. Education is adored in Canada and government have ensured that students are not left stranded when studying.

Students in Canada are allowed to work for some specific hours in a week. This is to ensure they don’t get distracted and end up placing all their focus on the job. Working as a student’s has its numerous benefits.

Part-time jobs teach student important skills such as teamwork, commitment, organization, time management and management. Student who worked during their time in school will also become more confident and gain independence.

Communication is important as most of the jobs available for students are customer-facing, so you’ll naturally become more confident in dealing with people and gain valuable skills.