How to Apply For Nigerian International Passport Online

The body responsible for the international passport is known as the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) and they have made applying for an international passport in Nigeria more accessible and convenient by implementing online application processes.

This online process allows Nigerian citizens to apply for and get passports without requiring large documentation or extended wait times.

Applicants can complete the full process from home by following a few simple steps.

This tutorial will walk you through how to apply for an international passport online in Nigeria

Following these steps can help save time and streamline the passport application process.

Let’s get started and explore the procedure in detail.

Read on!

What is an International Passport?

An international passport is an identity document issued by the government of a country. An international passport serves two major purposes

  • It serves as a form of national identity and citizenship
  • It makes going to another country easier and more convenient.

Before entering another country, the majority of countries require a valid international passport from travelers.

How to Apply For International Passport Online in Nigeria

Here are the practical processes for applying for and receiving an international passport online in Nigeria:

  1. Create an Account
  2. Select Passport Type
  3. Fill Out the Application Form
  4. Upload the required documents.
  5. Make the Payment

 1. Create an Account

To begin the application process for an international passport in Nigeria, navigate to the Nigerian Immigration Service’s official website here

This website serves as the primary platform for online passport applications. Before applying for an international passport online, you must first create an account on this website.

While creating this account, select the account creation section. You must complete the relevant personal information to obtain a username and password that will allow you to access or log into the NIS website.

2. Select Passport Type

When applying for an international passport in Nigeria, applicants can choose the kind (Standard or Official) that best meets their travel demands and qualifications.

The Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) provides two types of e-passports: Standard and Official.

These passports are classified according to their number of pages and the intended purpose of travel.

A standard e-passport (32 pages): Nigerian nationals who do not go abroad on a regular basis are often issued the Standard ePassport.

It is appropriate for people who require occasional international travel, such as for tourism or personal purposes. It’s worth noting that the Standard e-passport features a green cover.

An official e-passport (64 pages): The Official e-passport is primarily intended for Nigerian diplomats and government officials who frequently travel internationally.

It is also offered to those, such as business professionals, who travel frequently for work and require a larger passport to contain numerous visas and entry/exit stamps. The official e-passport features a blue cover.

The distinction between the two types of passports enables more effective processing and ensures that individuals receive the correct passport based on their travel needs and official status.

3. Fill Out the Application Form

Fill out the needed information on the application form. This application form requires personal information, such as:

Personal Information:

  • Full name (Surname, First Name, Middle Name)
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Nationality
  • Marital status
  • Maiden name (if applicable)
  • Occupation
  • Address

Contact Information:

  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Residential address

Passport Details:

  • Type of passport (e.g., Standard, Official)
  • Number of pages (32 or 64)
  • Previous passport details (if applicable)
  • Emergency Contact:
  • Name of emergency contact
  • Relationship with the applicant
  • Contact address and phone number of emergency contact
  • Next of Kin
  • Name of next of kin
  • Relationship with the applicant
  • Contact address and phone number of next of kin

Guarantor Information:

  • Name of guarantor
  • Occupation of guarantor
  • The residential address and phone number of the guarantor

3. Upload the Required Documents

When applying for a passport online in Nigeria, you must prepare and upload the required supporting papers to the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) website.

These documents often contain the following:

  • Birth certificate
  • Local government identification
  • Payment receipt

Meanwhile, some additional documents are necessary for the application, both online and offline.

Please keep in mind that the type of international passport you are applying for will determine which documents you need.

The documents include the following:

Standard Passport Requirements

  • Proof of identity from your local government: This can be a genuine national identification document, such as a driver’s license, voter’s card, or national ID card.
  • Proof of age or birth certificate: You must present a document proving your age, such as a birth certificate or age declaration.
  • A pair of passport-sized color photos: Two current passport-sized color pictures taken in the last two months are necessary. These photographs must meet the size, backdrop, and appearance standards.
  • A formal oath from a guarantor: A guarantor must take a formal oath before a commissioner of oaths, a magistrate, or a High Court judge. The guarantor’s information and signature will be included on the application form.
  • Letter of permission for underage students: If you are an underage student seeking a passport, you must provide a signed letter of authorization from your parents or legal guardians.
  • Legal proof of marriage (if applicable): If you are married and want to add your spouse’s name to your passport, you must present legal proof of your wedding, such as a marriage certificate.
  • Police report (for lost or stolen passport): If your prior passport was lost or stolen, you must submit a police report as part of the application.

Official Passport Requirements

  • Letter of introduction: You will need a letter of introduction from the applicable State Government or Federal Government Ministry/Organization outlining the need for an official passport.
  • Legal proof of marriage (if applicable): Similar to the ordinary passport criteria, if you are married and want to include your spouse’s name in the passport, you must show legal documentation of your marriage.
  • Police report (for lost or stolen passport): If your official passport is lost or stolen, you must submit a police report as part of the application process.
  • Copy of appointment letter or letter of promotion: To support your application for an official passport, please include a copy of your appointment letter or a letter of promotion from your previous or most recent employment.

4. Make the Payment

The fee varies based on the type of international passport the applicant is requesting.

The following is a list of the current prices on the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) website.

Standard e-passport booklet (32 pages):

  • Minor (0 to 17 years old): ₦‎8,750
  • Adult (18 to 59 years old): ₦‎15,000
  • Senior (60 and above): ₦‎8,750
  • Official e-passport booklet (64 pages):
  • Minor (0 to 17 years old): ₦‎20,000
  • Adult (18 to 59 years old): ₦‎20,000
  • Senior (60 and above): ₦‎20,000

Make sure to visit the official NIS website to stay up to date on the pricing.

Schedule an appointment for image capture and biometrics.

  • After successfully paying for your Nigerian passport application, schedule an appointment at your preferred passport office for the biometric data capture process.
  • Choose a convenient date and period from the NIS website. Visit the passport office on the specified date with the following materials: application printout, original supporting documents, and payment receipt.
  • Arrive on schedule and be prepared to provide biometric data, such as fingerprints, photographs, and signatures.
  • Follow the NIS staff’s instructions and submit your paperwork.

5. Track Your Passport Application

Following the biometric data gathering process, you will be given a tracking ID or number.

This tracking ID allows you to track the status of your passport application on the Nigerian Immigration Service’s (NIS) website.

Check for updates and notifications about the status of your application regularly.

The NIS will tell you once your passport is ready for collection. An email or SMS message will be sent to you.

The report will include information on where to pick up your passport.

Collection of Passport

Visit the passport office listed in the notification and bring your tracking ID, original papers, and payment receipt.

To pick up your passport, bring your tracking ID, original supporting documents, and payment receipt to the passport office.

The NIS officials will check your details and provide you with your passport.

Ensure you have all the essential documents and follow any additional directions in the notification for a seamless passport pickup experience.

How Much is International Passport in Nigeria?

Summary: For N70,000 with a 10-year validity period and N35,000 with a five-year validity period, the new 64-page Nigerian foreign passport is currently available for purchase.

In 2024, applicants must pay N25,000 at the Nigerian Immigration Service office and a processing cost of N1,000 to obtain the new 32-page passport with a five-year validity term. This comes to a total of N26,000.

Booklet Type AGE 0 – 17 AGE 18 – 59 AGE 60+
32 Pages 25,000 25,000 25,000
64 Pages 70,000 70,000 70,000

The breakdown of current price of an international passport in Nigeria is seen below.

According to the new introduction of a new enhanced security passport, by the Nigerian government a passport can be used internationally for 10 years.

A passport with 64 pages booklet and a 10-year validity outside Nigeria would be back at USD 230. Additionally, a new passport has been introduced that has a five-year validity term. The 32-page book will set you back NGN25,000 in Nigeria and USD130 abroad.

In Nigeria, the 64 pages would set you back NGN35,000, and $150 internationally.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to obtain an international passport in Nigeria?

When you finish the application, you should receive your passport within 2 weeks to 3 months. There are more things to consider, including the location of the passport office and the availability of printing materials.

What’s the difference between standard and official Nigerian passports?

The regular passport is for citizens who travel for various reasons, but the official passport is for government personnel.

What is the current price of an international passport in Nigeria?

For N70,000, you can get a 64-page Nigerian passport good for ten years, or N35,000 for a five-year validity period.

The new 32-page passport, which has a five-year validity period, costs N25,000, and N1,000 is required for NIN verification.

What is the price of renewing a Nigerian International passport?

The price of obtaining a new Nigerian international passport and renewing an existing one is the same, as is the cost of replacing a lost passport.

A 64-page Nigerian passport with a 10-year validity period typically costs N70,000 to renew, whereas a passport with a 5-year validity period costs N35,000.

Where in Nigeria may I apply for an international passport?

Visit the Nigerian Immigration Service website to submit an application and receive a new passport. Alternatively, candidates can pick one up by going to a NIS office in the area.

In the UK, how can I renew my Nigerian passport?

Please visit the Nigerian High Commission’s website to obtain a new passport if you would like to renew your Nigerian passport in the UK.

What is the price of renewing a Nigerian passport in the United Kingdom?

The cost of the five-year extension is £25. The £15 processing fee should be sent by postal order to the Nigerian High Commission in London.

How much does it cost to renew a passport from Nigeria in the United States?

Go to to access the electronic application. Select Atlanta, Georgia, as the application’s office and the United States as the processing country. It is necessary to choose START APPLICATION. Open a Google or Yahoo account, or log in with an existing one.


The Nigerian Immigration Service’s online application method has made it easier and more efficient to apply for and obtain an international passport in Nigeria.

Nigerian individuals can easily finish the application process, submit the required papers, make payments online, and track the status of their passport applications by following the steps mentioned above.

It is critical to periodically monitor the official NIS website for any updates or changes to the application procedure.