Available Internship Programs in Canada for International Students in 2024

Many international students come to Canada from all around the world. This is due to the fact that Canadian universities are well known for their strong academic standards and research achievements. Furthermore, Canada is a country that values inclusion and accessibility in education, working to ensure that all citizens, regardless of circumstances or background, have access to high-quality education. Urban areas like Toronto and Vancouver provide a wealth of options for students looking for work and internships in Canada. In this article, we will be showing you internship opportunities in Canada for international students among other relevant information.

Available Internship Programs in Canada

  1. Allianz Commercial

Internship: Student Intern (Liability)

With a significant presence in Toronto, Ontario, Allianz Commercial is a well-known commercial insurance provider worldwide. A collaborative and encouraging work atmosphere with the chance to learn from seasoned liability insurance professionals is what interns may expect at this company. Interns will experience various facets of the insurance business over the course of the 10-week program, such as risk assessment, policy administration, and client engagement. Senior team members will mentor and advise them as they work on practical projects and get invaluable practical experience. Also, during this hybrid internship, interns receive a $200 stipend for using their personal computer equipment.

2. CDW

Internship: Student Intern (Strategic Programs)

CDW is a prominent supplier of technological solutions, operating out of Toronto, ON, and Edmonton, AB. When an intern joins CDW, they can expect a fast-paced, dynamic work atmosphere where they will be fully involved in the process of writing bids and proposals. They will get the chance to collaborate closely with cross-functional teams as Strategic Programs Interns, which will provide them with valuable experience in project management, strategic planning, and client engagement. In order to improve their abilities and make a meaningful contribution to the organization’s performance, interns may anticipate receiving thorough training and support.

3. Zurn Elkay Water Solutions

Internship: Student Intern (Finance)

Zurn Elkay Water systems is a respectable business in Burlington, Ontario that specializes in water management systems. When joining the Finance team, interns may expect being involved in daily operations and helping with a range of financial tasks, including financial analysis, forecasting, and budgeting. They will collaborate directly with seasoned financial experts and learn about industry best practices and procedures. Expect a cooperative, welcoming work environment where chances for learning and professional development abound, and where interns’ contributions are recognized.


Internship: Student Intern (Product Marketing)

GREENBMG is a Toronto, Ontario-based company that specializes in solar energy solutions. When joining the Product Marketing team, interns may anticipate a practical learning environment where they will engage with clients and participate in live demonstrations of sun tracking and energy capture technology. They will collaborate closely with the marketing team to create marketing collateral, carry out consumer analysis, and assist with advertising campaigns. Interns can anticipate a creative and encouraging work atmosphere where they will be able to impact sustainable energy projects.

  1. CPC International Pumps Inc. 

Internship: Student Intern (Software Developer)

Located in Burlington, Ontario, CPC Pumps International Inc. is a well-known pump manufacturing company. When an intern joins the Software Development team, they may anticipate working on innovative projects and technologies and obtaining hands-on experience in engineering and software development. They will work together with seasoned developers to plan, create, and test pump system software. Senior team members will provide mentorship and direction to interns, and also possibilities for skill development and professional advancement in an exciting and demanding work environment.

  1. Jule

Internship: Student Intern (Software Developer, Engineering)

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Jule is a technology business renowned for its creative ideas and initiatives. When an intern joins Jule’s Software Development team, they may anticipate working on innovative projects that challenge the state of technology. Together with a group of gifted engineers and developers, they will have the chance to contribute to the creation of software solutions. With the help of mentorship and direction from seasoned professionals, they will be able to improve their abilities and provide significant value to Jule’s projects.

  1. Turner Construction Company

Internship: Student Intern (Accounting)

Turner Construction Company has operations in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Toronto, Ontario. Interns in the accounting department will help with financial tasks like financial reporting, accounts payable, and accounts receivable. Interns will assist with field operations, site management, and project coordination in the Project/Field Construction department. It is expected that interns would collaborate with seasoned professionals, benefiting from their knowledge and acquiring important perspectives into the construction sector.

  1. Marriott International, Inc

Internship: Intern (Banquet)

Marriott International, Inc. is a well-known hotel chain with operations all over the world and a base in Toronto, Ontario. When an intern joins the Marriott Banquets team, they can expect working in a fast-paced, customer-focused atmosphere. They will get practical experience in event management and hospitality operations by helping to organize and carry out banquet events at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel. It is expected that interns will collaborate with a group of experts and get guidance and assistance to succeed in their positions. They will have the chance to engage with customers and visitors, offering outstanding service and guaranteeing special moments.

  1. Magna International Inc.

Internship: Student Intern (Software Engineering Co-Op)

With its headquarters located in Newmarket, Ontario, Magna International Inc. is a prominent automotive manufacturing firm. When an intern joins Magna’s Software Engineering team, they may expect working on cutting-edge automotive software system projects. They will have the chance to work together with seasoned developers and engineers, participating in the planning, creating, and testing of software solutions. Interns may expect to improve their technical skills and obtain significant industry experience. Senior team members will coach and advise them, enabling them to advance and be successful in their positions.

10. Canada Post – Postes Canada

Internship: Summer Student Intern (Finance – International Accounts)

Located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Post is a reputable postal service provider with operations all over the country. When an intern joins Canada Post’s finance team, they can expect working on projects involving international accounts. They will get hands-on experience in accounting and finance by helping with financial analysis, reporting, and reconciliation responsibilities. Interns can anticipate working in a cooperative and encouraging atmosphere while getting instruction and direction from seasoned experts. They will be able to support worthwhile endeavors and projects, which will improve Canada Post’s financial performance.

  1. Japan Tobacco International

Internship: Summer Intern (Sales)

One of the top tobacco companies in the world, Japan Tobacco International, is based in Edmonton, Alberta. When an intern joins JTI’s sales team, they may anticipate gaining practical experience in marketing and sales within the tobacco sector. They will collaborate closely with sales representatives to put marketing plans and initiatives into action, helping to increase market share and volume within their assigned territory. It is anticipated that interns will have extensive instruction and assistance to improve their ability to close deals and gain insight into the tobacco industry. They will be able to contribute to the accomplishment of JTI’s sales activities while working in a stimulating and demanding environment. Noteworthy, interns must be at least 18 years old and must be a full-time student.

  1. Concrete

Internship: Student Intern (Design)

Concrete is well-known for its creative design solutions and is based in Ontario. As an intern in Concrete’s design team, you may expect working on a range of design projects and obtaining practical knowledge in branding, creative strategy, and graphic design. In order to help build design concepts and solutions for clients, they will work in tandem with seasoned designers and creative professionals. They will be able to contribute significantly to Concrete’s design objectives by learning from industry experts and taking part in practical design projects.

  1. CDW 

Internship: Intern (Offence Security)

CDW, a prominent supplier of technological solutions, operates out of Toronto, Ontario. As an intern in CDW’s Offensive Security team, you can anticipate gaining practical experience in cybersecurity in a business setting. In order to detect and reduce security threats, they will collaborate closely with security experts and take part in vulnerability management, penetration testing, and security assessments. It is anticipated that interns will have extensive instruction and assistance to augment their expertise in cybersecurity. They will be able to assist CDW in safeguarding its infrastructure and information assets while working on demanding initiatives.

Tips to Apply for an Internship in Canada 

Look for Legitimate Websites and Organizations

It is important for international students to start their search for a Canadian internship by finding only legitimate websites and organizations. As an international student, you want to choose employers who are conversant with the complete process of obtaining a work visa.

Look Out for Possible Jobs Positions

Determine which companies would be a good fit for you based on your interests and academic program. Also check out which companies hire students from your university and discover whether your university has a list of former employers. Make a list of potential employers and keep track of any internship or cooperative opportunities you come across on company websites or online employment marketplaces. Never be afraid to reach out to individuals in your network or target organizations to inquire about summer internship opportunities

Make A Cover Letter and Resume.

You may position yourself as the best applicant for any co-op or internship opportunity with a strong CV and cover letter. You might not be familiar with the Canadian-style resume structure if you’re an international student. Find out whether your university offers resume-building advice and templates. Every job you apply for will require a different resume, so make sure to highlight your strengths, experiences, and pertinent abilities. Also, a cover letter can make you stand out as a great applicant even though it’s not always necessary to submit one with your application. Tell your story and emphasize why you are the perfect candidate for the position in your cover letter.

Make Changes to your Linkedin Profile.
It’s vital to have an updated LinkedIn profile whether you use it for professional networking or job searching. You may effectively showcase your experience, talents, certifications, and qualifications to potential employers by creating a public profile on LinkedIn.

Apply Right Away

Apply as early as possible because most internships fill up months in advance. Application deadlines for summer internships are typically in the spring, so you should begin looking into potential employers as early as the fall before. To ensure you don’t miss any possibilities, jot down a list of all the positions you are interested in, along with the deadlines for applications.
Get Ready for the Interview.

With regard to internships, every organization has its unique selection procedure. If your CV is selected for further consideration, you will usually be invited to participate in one or more interview rounds. The interview process can be nerve-wracking for a lot of international students. Make sure to get ready for interviews a few days or more beforehand.

What Kind of Visa is Required for Internships in Canada for Students?
You must first know whether your home country and the Canadian government have a bilateral agreement if you are an international student looking for an internship in Canada. If they do, obtaining a visa to travel to Canada for an internship will be much simpler. In fact, Canada provides visas designed especially for international co-ops and young professionals.

There are two types of visas available: non-student and student (currently enrolled in a college or university). It is noteworthy that internships for students are either unpaid or paid, whereas internships for non-students are required by law to be paid. US students seeking internships in Canada must apply for both a work permit and a study permit. You can apply simultaneously for both, but in order to do so, you’ll need documents from your institution or university. Make sure to get started early to ensure you have all you need when it comes time to apply!


Interns wishing to enhance their resumes and compete internationally have a plethora of opportunities on the Canadian employment market. International students can acquire knowledge and abilities in a wide range of fields, including marketing, IT, architecture, engineering, and hospitality. Internships give you practical experience as well as professional and personal development possibilities, which boosts your resume and increases your competitiveness. If you are considering internship positions in Canada then we trust this article has been of help to you.