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Tired of being overweight? Are you failing to lose weight? Or do you regain the weight you lost after losing weight? Want to wear your favorite dress but can’t ‘fit’ and buying nice clothes is a big problem for you?

“I owe a debt of gratitude to the people who called me fat, insulted me and belittled me. If it weren’t for their ridicule, I would still be fat,” says Nihal Bulut , who managed to lose 26 kilos . He tried many diets on the way to having a beautiful body, but the simplest method turned out to be the most effective. Nihal Hanım gave detailed information about this method.The method also prevents regaining the lost weight. Here is his impressive story…

I’ve never been a fragile girl, but being overweight didn’t bother me. After meeting Murat, who later became my husband, I felt even more relaxed. I came to my senses when I realized that I am a really fat person.

After meeting Murat, I felt even more relaxed. I came to my senses when I realized that I am a really fat person.

I have been in a relationship with Murat for more than 7 years, we have two beautiful children. But until recently, as they say, “we lived separately.” Murat had his own house. He was very busy. He would visit me from time to time. Then he would go back to his own house.

From the very beginning of our relationship, I expected him to propose to me. This was my biggest dream!

When was he going to propose? I was dreaming of this!

When I got pregnant, I thought we’d definitely get married now. Unfortunately it didn’t turn out as I expected. Murat continued to visit me and I waited for him…

We were very happy when our eldest son was born. He registered the baby. He treated me with care and helped me with everything. I could feel that he loved us, but he loved us in his own way.

For my son’s 2nd birthday, we decided to go on a vacation to the beach for 2 weeks. Sea, sun and sand. I missed going on vacation so much!

We stayed in a nice hotel in Antalya. A warm sandy beach and an “all inclusive” hostel was the perfect option for us.

While at the beach, I noticed Murat showing a lot of interest in a girl. I didn’t say anything, but I started watching Murat. I thought you were in love at first sight. But Murat later diverted his attention and started to follow a different girl, and even another girl after that. It went on like this!

I’m so angry! He acted as if our son and I weren’t there.

It suddenly hit me. He liked skinny girls!

I never wanted to look like a stupidly jealous woman. I tried to calm down and analyze the situation. The girls he watched all had one thing in common. They were all half my size! This finding had a lightning effect on me. It means he likes skinny girls! Maybe that was the reason behind his behavior in our relationship???

In one photo of us, he’s holding me in his arms, but his eyes are on another “skinny girl.” You can see it below:

Murat has never told me that he doesn’t like my body. He never wanted me to lose weight. But he also didn’t propose, something I’ve missed for so long.

These thoughts made me very nervous. I could only cope with the stress I was in by filling my stomach from the open buffet. During these 2 weeks, I ate for three by myself.

When I came back from vacation, I was weighed down and shocked. I came back from sunny Antalya not only with tanned skin but also with 9.5 kilos. I was at the point of having a nervous breakdown.

I started researching weight loss methods online, but a few weeks later I found out that I was pregnant for the second time! My vacation was fruitful in every sense of the word. Frankly, considering my situation, I forgot about the idea of ​​losing weight because my mind was elsewhere…

Anyway, I’m starting to suspect that Murat doesn’t like me as a woman.

I couldn’t help thinking that Murat didn’t like me as a woman. I almost decided to have an abortion. Fortunately, I was very pleased that Murat did not even allow this subject to be discussed.

As a result, we had our second baby, another son. History repeated itself. Murat registered the baby and surrounded us with care, love and attention. But only when you’re with us. There was not a single thing that belonged to him in the house except the toothbrush. So I continued to focus on the children. This was my way of dealing with the situation.

After I stopped breastfeeding, the thought of losing weight started to occupy my mind again. I can’t forget what I went through on that vacation. Murat’s admiring gaze fixed on the skinny girls was before my eyes. And nothing was changing in our relationship. I was still 88 kg.

I was 88 kilos. So I decided!

I’ve decided it’s time for a change! I’ve tried all sorts of things: maybe a dozen different diets, different fitness programs, body wraps, special massages, etc. None of these either helped or had a temporary effect. I regained the weight I lost just as quickly.

One day, I met my friend Nebahat . He was shopping at the bakery. She gave birth at the same time as me at the hospital where I gave birth to my second child. I hardly recognized him when I saw him. It was twice my size when I was pregnant but after giving birth it was almost a third of mine !!!

Instead of greeting when we meet, “I don’t believe it!” I said. “I can not believe my eyes! Nebahat, is that really you?!”

Laughing, “I’m weaker than I used to be, aren’t I?” said. At the same time, he was eating the pastry in his hand.

“And you’re eating donuts? How do you achieve this? How??? I’ve tried sports, regimen, sauna, everything! At the end of a week or two, I was able to lose 3 kilos at the most. Then I gained 7 kilos back!”

Nebahat said, “My dear Nihal, neither the regime nor the sauna?… Have you lost your mind? I have a suggestion. Let’s go to us. We chat a little. My husband is at work now. We sit and drink tea and talk. I’ll eat my pastry and you’ll drink tea,” he said. He was looking at her with a sly expression, “I’ll tell you everything. I’ll show you. I’ll even give you some for you to try.”

“My dear Nihal, neither the regime nor the sauna?… Have you lost your mind?”

I was very intrigued and accepted his invitation. Also, Murat was going on a business trip for two weeks the next day, so he was at home to spend time with the kids before he left. So, I could take some time to myself.

Nebahat had lost 33 kg. And in just 3.5 months after stopping breastfeeding. He wasn’t on a diet, he didn’t starve himself, he didn’t go to the gym… He lived as usual, didn’t limit himself to anything.

Nebahat’s body was as thin as a young girl’s. Strangely, despite all the weight she had lost, her skin had no stretch marks. I thought Murat would definitely enjoy watching it.

I had very strong feelings when I found out how easily he got everything. How easy and safe it can be to get rid of excess weight for every woman who desires. The weight loss recipe he gave shocked me in the simplest way!

I remember very well the agony I went through to lose the goddamn weight. It was a nightmare! I could remember the depression I felt while on the regimen and our constant arguments with Murat, my nervous breakdowns and how I ate everything without stopping the regime.

It’s frustrating to see how pointless all I’ve done to lose weight is because weight has to be lost in a different way. It’s very sad, but I coped with these feelings because now I knew for sure exactly what I had to do.

Now listen carefully to what Nebahat told me!

The most effective substance for weight loss is a mixture of vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine), vitamin B3 (Niacin), potassium, glutamine and magnesium. After entering the body, it destroys toxic substances through two mechanisms. First, with the help of surface aggregation and porous structure. Second, by catalytic reduction (the process that forces negatively charged polluting ions to bind to positively charged carbon ions).

These active substances bind the toxins and molecules present in the human body and quickly remove them from the intestines.

Interestingly, most of these beneficial properties were discovered in ancient India and China. After centuries, dietitians have accepted this compound as one of the best detox methods.

When we got to her house, Nebahat offered me 2 tablets with a glass of water. I was surprised at first but did not react.

“The secret of my slim body is these Keto Slim tablets,” said Nebahat. He showed me the tablet’s box. You don’t need any special preparation for this. You only take 2 tablets once a day.

“The secret of my slim body is these Keto Slim tablets,” said Nebahat. He showed me the tablet’s box. You don’t need any special preparation for this.

You only take 2 tablets once a day. Then all the calories you take in your body will not turn into fat all day long. Can you imagine this? This is a dream!

“This can’t be true! Is it really that simple?” I muttered.

“Believe it or not, that’s your business. If you like the challenge, go ahead and make your life more complicated. You wanted to know what happened to me and I told you everything. What happens next is up to you. I am not the seller of these tablets, nor do I intend to get you to buy them. Try it or not. If you don’t like it, just keep drinking water. You can stop eating and starve, I don’t care. By the way, would you like a donut?” Nebahat said and offered me one of my favorite potato buns.

“No thanks. I’d better go.”

I didn’t realize it at the time, but the 1.5 hours I spent with Nebahat would change my life…

We gave each other our phone numbers and I left. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the 1.5 hours I spent with Nebahat would change my life…

I ran home with great determination. I immediately opened my computer and ordered Slim Science Keto from the website Nebahat said . Three days later I received the package and thus my journey began!

I was weighed. The scale showed 88.4 kg. From that day on, I started taking 2 Slim Science Keto once a day.

I was weighed again the next day. This time I was 88.5 kg. I bought another 100 grams! Saying I’m sorry doesn’t explain my feelings. I panicked.

I immediately called Nebahat.

“Nihal, calm down. You will start losing weight on the 4th or 5th day . You keep using the tablets and forget about the scale for the next 5 days. You will see what happens,” Nebahat replied. What she said was intriguing.

I also continued to use the tablets. I continued to eat as usual, I did not make any special changes, I just took 1 Slim Science Keto tablet every morning and evening. I was looking forward to what would happen. I still did not believe that I would lose weight without changing anything in my diet and lifestyle.

I was on the scale on the 6th day. My legs were shaking with excitement. I climbed onto the scale, but my eyes were tightly closed. I was afraid to look. After a few seconds, I opened my eyes and looked at the number on the scale: 83.3 kg.

I lost 5 kg and 100 gr in the first 5 days without changing my eating pattern and without any exercise.

I know by heart these first numbers that mark my success. It was incredible! My heart was pounding, I couldn’t breathe from excitement! I finally made it!!!!

My food for the next week was no different from what I always ate. Except for one thing – I took 1 Slim Science Keto tablet every morning and evening .

I forced myself not to go on the scale and look at my weight, but I could feel that I was getting weaker even before I was on the scale. Sometimes I felt a pleasant feeling of warmth in my arms, stomach and calves. I had more energy than I had in a long time. The constant feeling of tiredness disappeared.

When I got back on the scale a week later, I almost passed out. It was showing 74.4 kg. So I lost 9 more kilos in 1 week.

I lost 13 kg 700 g in 12 days!!!

Imagine yourself suddenly losing your extra pounds. Think about how you would feel. Imagine how good a person feels when he loves himself. Then you will understand my feelings.

By the way, of course, I noticed that my clothes were too loose for me. But I was not aware that I lost 14 kg. I couldn’t believe this happened in less than 2 weeks!

It was two days before Murat returned. I was floating above the clouds, imagining what Murat’s reaction would be to my changes, feeling like I could fly like a butterfly. The children were also looking forward to their father’s return, the gifts he always brought from business trips.

On Murat’s arrival day, we prepared a festive dinner, cooked delicious meals and even made Murat’s favorite chocolate cake, which I hadn’t made for a long time. I was no longer afraid to eat dessert!

We had finished the preparation of the table when Murat came. Hearing the doorbell, the children ran into the hall to hug their father.

Door opened. Murat appeared with a huge bunch of flowers and children’s gifts. The children immediately ran to their father. At that moment, Murat looked towards me from behind the children and his mouth fell open. The boxes in his hand fell to the ground. Likewise, the flowers are gone.

The children were jumping with joy as they opened their presents, but Murat still couldn’t take his eyes off me. He bent down to pick the flowers.

A few seconds later we were alone in the doorway. Murat looked as if mesmerized by the flowers in his hand. I laughed and took the flowers from her hand.

“Is there a problem? Come in!”

“You… what happened to you? How?” Murat was shocked, he didn’t know what to say.

“Are you going to kiss me or are you going to just keep standing there?”

Murat suddenly grabbed me by the waist, lifted me into the air and started kissing me while laughing. He was flying with happiness. I could feel that you loved my image .

“That’s enough, put me down, wash your hands and let’s have dinner together!”

In the evening Murat was a little nervous. After I put the kids to bed, he almost attacked me as if it was our first time. It was a very hot night where we made love like crazy . I can’t remember the last time I was so desired by a man . Completely exhausted and tired, we fell asleep close to sunrise.

The next morning, Murat offered to go on a family vacation again. This time we were going to go for 10 days. The business trip was successful and they won an important tender. As a reward, they gave both a bonus and a few extra days off.

I was flying with joy. I have never felt so happy in my life!

At that time I was a freelance accountant and working from home. There was no urgent business that week. I could easily spare a week or two. I accepted Murat’s offer without hesitation. The children were also very happy. They were so excited to go to the sea!

This time we chose Kuşadası, İzmir. It was a two-bedroom room in a four-star hotel. Again, all inclusive, unlimited food was a great test for me! I was also looking forward to seeing how Murat would act there.

All his attention was on me. Yes, it was my personal victory!

A week later, we were enjoying a warm Kusadasi beach with the incredibly clean sea and the sound of the waves. Murat could not take his eyes off me and did not leave my side even for a minute. All his attention was on me. He never looked at other women. Yes, it was my personal victory!

We ate a lot. I did not limit myself in anything. Meat, potatoes, beer, salami, sausage, eggs, buns, cakes… We made good use of all the possibilities of the all-inclusive open buffet. I ate in small portions, I did not want to eat much. Of course, I never forgot to take Slim Science Keto regularly

In the evenings, when the children fell asleep after a fun day of playing and swimming, Murat and I spent some time on the balcony of our hotel room sipping wine, chatting and watching the moonlight. When it was time for bed, Murat would take me by the hand and take me to the bedroom, where we made love with a passion we hadn’t had since the day we met. It was like this every day and evening. I felt like I could die of happiness!

The last night before leaving, on the balcony, Murat asked me to close my eyes. I closed my eyes and began to wait. I could hear Murat going into the room and coming back.

“Open your eyes!” said Murat excitedly.

I opened. Murat was on his right knee in front of me. She was holding a gold wedding ring in her hand.

“Will you marry me?”
For a moment, I felt my eyes darken. I’ve been waiting to hear these words for 7 years!

I waited every day. I imagined. I tried to visualize how he would say it over and over. I felt my eyes quickly fill with tears.

“Are you serious?” I couldn’t find anything better to say.

“I’m absolutely serious! You are the most perfect, beautiful woman I know and I want you to be my wife. Really! I don’t want to come and go anymore. I want us all to live together!”

I began to cry, hugged his neck and whispered in tears: “Yes!”

As soon as we got home, we went to the municipality and applied for marriage.

I forgot my weight problem. While on vacation by the sea, I lost 7.5 kg more in 10 days while eating from the all-inclusive open buffet and using Keto Slim tablets on the other.

My days were very busy, so I completely forgot about my weight problem. This time, I lost 7.5 kg more thanks to Slim Science Keto tablets while on an all-inclusive holiday . I wasn’t losing 1kg a day anymore, but to be honest, I ate more than usual while on vacation


I didn’t even make an effort to lose weight afterwards. I just continued to use Slim Science Keto tablets every other day . This use allowed me to lose 5 more kilos until the wedding .

Our wedding was so much fun. Nebahat was my witness. My friendship with him has progressed well until then. I was grateful to her for this incredibly simple weight loss recipe .

Murat later admitted to me that he always wanted me to be thin.

He said my transformation drove him crazy. She admitted that she always wanted me to be thin. Just like I am now. Of course, he never told me that because he didn’t want to offend me. Very thoughtful, I have a husband!

PS: It’s been 3 months since Murat and I officially became husband and wife. Our next step will be to sell our current home to buy a bigger flat where we will be comfortable together.

I am currently 62 kg 300 grams and it is stable, moreover , I stopped using Slim Science Keto a month ago. In total, I have lost 26 kg 100 g and despite the past 7 years of relationship we are still deeply in love with each other. It’s a great feeling, let me tell you. I think I deserve this.

I gave 26 kg 100 gr. My dream has come true!

My dream has come true! My dream has come true! It was better than I imagined! Yes, it was a chance to meet Nebahat and help me. It was purely a coincidence. And I took advantage of this opportunity.

This kind of luck can happen to anyone, albeit rare. We are all in a daily rush. We are trying to earn our living. A sense of insecurity in the world prevents many of us from seeing the chance that comes our way.

My advice: always try to seize your luck. Events that happen in your life, new people you meet for a reason, a story you come across and read somewhere, everything can be the key to this luck! When you realize it means something, don’t wait, grab your chance! This is the secret of how to find the greatest happiness in life.When you take the opportunity that comes your way, you will find that your life is improving beyond your expectations .

After hearing Nebahat’s story, at first I thought it was a fabrication. But I still tried the recipe he gave me and used Slim Science Keto tablets because I would know for sure until I tried it. I could have been skeptical of what he was saying and skipped the opportunity. My life would be chaotic. At best, nothing would change! Moreover, I would never have known that I missed my chance…

For those who are determined to be truly happy, beautiful, attractive and insanely desirable, I will do the favor Nebahat did for me when we met. I will show you where is the site of the manufacturer of Slim Science Keto tablets , which Nebahat told me . Just click the green button below that says GO TO THE MANUFACTURER’S SITE.The company’s website will open. What you do after that is up to you.

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