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Do not buy the Ecoheat S until you read this review

For many people, staying warm and comfortable in the cold season is almost a luxury. Especially since the use of heaters comes with fairly high electricity bills. Even if you live in a well-insulated house with central heating, a portable electric heater is necessary to improve the level of comfort inside . The need for extra heat during the cold season is even more acute if you have small children and / or the elderly living in your home.

For its part, the EcoHeat S is energy efficient, as it transforms all the energy it uses into heat, which allows you to stay warm all year round.

Get to know more about this EcoHeat S , a portable heater that immediately delivers heat to large areas of the room, while saving you money with its low power consumption. Discover its specificities as well as the opinions of Internet users.


Presentation of the EcoHeat S

This device is designed for demanding but budget conscious users. EcoHeat S is a compact and innovative heater that can cover a wide-angle, reaching up to 79 square meters . Despite its small size, it heats your room at a 70 degree angle, so you and your family can stay warm and comfortable even when it’s very cold outside. All you need to do is press the “Turn” button which circulates the warm air in your space. Note that you can also cool the room when it is too hot.

EcoHeat S incorporates a revolutionary PTC ceramic heating element that heats your space in just 2 seconds. It also features smart thermostat control so you can easily adjust the temperature, as well as a digital display screen and on / off timer, among other advanced features. This gadget is portable, safe, quiet , doesn’t take up too much space, and doesn’t add to your energy bill. Finally, it is versatile and can be used safely at home, in the office and when traveling.

Product Features

  • Product type: heater
  • Brand: Ecoheat S
  • Black color
  • Power supply: electric cable
  • Coverage: 79 m²
  • Size: 22cm tall

Design and use Ecoheat S

The sleek black design of the EcoHeat S beautifies the room without being overbearing. Each unit is approximately 22cm which means that the device takes up only a small space and you can store it in a corner.

Even if you accidentally drop it, the EcoHeat S remains intact, thanks to the acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) plastic construction. Much of the body of the device is made of this plastic, except at the front where a metal grill lets heat through. The cylindrical design makes the device even more durable since it rolls on the ground in the event of a fall. Best of all, the build material is flame retardant, VO grade, and won’t melt or weaken even at high temperatures.

The ease of use is greatly appreciated. This device has control buttons on its top. They allow you to select the different functions. Indications are visible under each of them. In addition, a digital display at the top indicates the temperature of the air that the gadget disperses.

Unlike some radiators, Ecoheat S is small in size and easy to transport . It also plugs into your standard outlets, so you can use it in any room. For easy movement, it has a handle on the back. You can take it with you on vacation without any problem.

Performance OF Ecoheat S

Like every winter, any device that can keep warm is highly valued and can make a huge difference in the home. This device is both practical and efficient. The Ecoheat S is made up of 3 main parts which include the fan, the PTC ceramic heating elements and the control panel. This device can then function as a radiator and a fan which blows fresh air.

In addition, the EcoHeat ceramic heating module is made of a specific proportion of ceramic. It should also be noted that conductive ceramic is increasingly popular for heating products. The reason is that it is excellent in terms of absorption and production of heat. It simply means that the device can heat a room as quickly as it can cool it. The efficiency of heaters made from this material is estimated to be between 85 and 90%. That is why you can be sure that the EcoHeat S is not wasting a lot of energy . This allows you to minimize your electricity bills while staying warm all year round.

Now let’s dig a little deeper. Where does this device get its performance from? Well, it includes a set of ceramic plates mounted in metal coils that work just like a coil heater. The difference is that the plates absorb heat and release it more quickly. It only takes a few seconds to cool down and this cooling process starts automatically as soon as you turn off the device.

You can set the EcoHeat S to the heat level you want. Although you can adjust the temperature , the device also allows you to adjust the setting for quick warming up. On very cold days, you can put it in high heat mode. When it is not that cold, you can put it in low heat mode or fan mode. You then combine comfort and energy saving.


Features of Ecoheat S

The Ecoheat S offers heating power capable of covering up to 79 m² . This camera also has a wide-angle automatic oscillation capability which gives it extensive coverage. When you use it as a heater, it can rotate 70 degree angle, which can warm a large area evenly. This function allows you to achieve uniform heat throughout the affected room .

Another special feature of this product is the regularity of the volume of heated air without making the place unbearable. On the contrary, the places are comfortable and you can enjoy your well-heated living room or your kitchen.

The Ecoheat also has great cooling power . This way you will not have a hot spot in your house in the summer. This is made possible by the device’s ability to rotate in either direction, unlike other types of heaters which only blow air in one direction.

Note that if the Ecoheat S falls to the ground, it switches off. This is an excellent feature, given its small size and cylindrical shape. The device then starts automatically after impact when it falls and begins to roll.

Tip-over protection is not the only safety feature. The protection against overheating is another feature that makes this gadget safe for homeowners. If its temperature rises abnormally, the device switches off automatically. This not only makes it secure, but also saves energy and ensures that your home does not exceed the bearable heat threshold.


  • Performance and comfort
  • Compact
  • Practice
  • Security devices
  • Quiet operation
  • Possibility to choose between different heating modes (low heat to high heat)
  • Rapid heating
  • Wide-angle heater


  • Heats only one room at a time


The opinion of Internet users on the Ecoheat S

Internet users who have used the Ecoheat S are satisfied with it and do not hesitate to recommend it. They say this device is well suited for anyone looking for a perfectly safe and energy efficient heater / cooler that can be used all year round. Customer and expert feedback reflects the multiple benefits offered by this portable, versatile and inexpensive heater.

They love that it’s not only safe, but also easy to use, just by selecting the function that suits their needs. It’s a great power saving option while still retaining full functionality and providing impressive coverage for such a small and compact device. Users particularly appreciate how little noise this gadget gives off. They can sleep comfortably even when the Ecoheat is running at full power.

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